About Keli

keli sim deritis

Keli Sim-DeRitis has been a graphic designer and artist for over 25 years. She has dabbled with oil and acrylic painting since childhood, but it was not until an art retreat in 2008 that she discovered acrylic mixed media which reawakened her creative spirit and inspired her to start painting again. Keli works with acrylic paints and mediums and incorporates elements of collage and found objects in many of her pieces.

Keli has traveled extensively in Italy and France for pleasure and on buying trips as owner of Poggi Bonsi, a Seattle-area gourmet kitchen store and direct importer of Italian and French products. In June, 2014 Keli teamed up with fellow artist Janet Crawley to teach “Art Affair in France” a week-long artist retreat in southern France. The two will teach again in France in September, 2015 and June & July, 2016.

Keli is a mother, artist, teacher, entrepreneur, and adventurer.

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